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Fast Stairs Calculator

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Stairs Calculator is the best all in one calculator for stairs. The most complete stairs calculator from the market for mobile devices. Give this one a try, you will never be disappointed. All you need for straight stairs, spiral staircase, wood stairs, stairs on stringer, or stairs in L and U turn, from wood or concrete fast and easy and is totally FREE.

All in one stairs calculator for home use is the best stair calculator. Very useful for builders, handymen, contractors, architects, etc. Detailed and accurate calculation of stair treads and risers, straight stairs, spiral staircase, stairs on L and U turn.

You can calculate:

  • Concrete stairs
  • Semicircular concrete stairs
  • Wooden stairs
  • Stairs on bowstring
  • Stairs on L turn (Calculate 90 degrees stairs)
  • Stairs on U turn (Calculate 180 degrees stairs)
  • Spiral stairs
  • Helical stairs


  • Save your calculation
  • Send email with your calculation
  • Detailed drawings with all type of stairs
  • Tablet suport
  • Choose between millimeters, centimeters or inches
  • Language support for English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese and Russian
Stairs calculator app Calculate stairs Android app